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Where to buy Italian Dried Pasta?

We offer a special selection of High Quality Pasta, made by hand, as did the grandmothers. You will also find many types of Itaian Dried Pasta with drawn through bronze. The Artisan Pasta we offer is made with selected durum wheat, you will also find the Pasta made with Grano Senatore Cappelli.

What is the Senatore Cappelli Durum Wheat or “Capelli?

The Senatore Cappelli Durum Wheat or “Capelli” is the ancient durum wheat variety that takes its name from the Abruzzo senator who promoted the agrarian reform at the beginning of the 1900s that led to a distinction being made between hard and soft wheat varieties (Triticum durum).

For decades it has been the most popular wheat variety, especially in Southern Italy (Basilicata and Puglia).

Fortunately, nowadays it has been rediscovered as a variety never contaminated by mutagenesis, and it’s grown in a few privileged areas of Italy, by virtue of the excellent organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.

Senatore Cappelli Durum Wheat grown in Italy, it’s distinguished by its intense aroma, strong flavour and tall ears of wheat that can reach up to 1.80 metres and end in their unmistakeable black bristles. It’s particularly resistant to dry climates and is considered to be the king of Italian durum wheat, so the pasta made with this ancient grain is always “al dente” and doesn’t overcook ever.

Many sizes are available, the most part bronze drawn to get a rough pasta that absorbs well the sauce

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