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Bevande calde & Caffettiere

Coffee in Italy is not simply a hot drink; it is a precious ritual to share with family and friends, or to enjoy during quite private moments. The coffee made at home with the classic aluminium moka espresso coffee pots called `caffettiera` it`s the most emblematic of the Italian experiences.

The preparation process, the characteristic gurgling noise produced by the moka pot and the intensity of the smell that surrounds you, it`s simply inimitable. The secret to make it perfect is only one, the quality of the coffee. Choose exclusively Italian coffee from the most famous brands. Lavazza, Jilly, Vergnano, Pellini are some of the best coffee makers that Etalian food proposes to you.

What is it that makes Italian coffee so special? Quality coffee beans roasted and eventually grounded to ensure an excellent cup of coffee every time! Etalian food offers you also a chosen selection of delightful hot drinks and capsule coffee machines. Dense, creamy and greedy, if you don`t know Ciobar, the most wanted Italian hot chocolate, you need to try it as soon as possible. And don`t be shine, there are four different flavoured hot chocolate, classic, fondant, white chocolate and gianduia. On the stove or in the microwave, Ciobar is fast and easy to make, it`s ready to enjoy in few seconds.

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